The Barboo Chronicles Episode 1: “I Was Wrong!”

BARBOO Chronicles, Episode One: “I was wrong!”

This first episode of “The Barboo Chronicles” does not begin at the beginning. It begins when I, sometime at age 2, remembered a traumatic infant memory, and the stage was set for both the start of philosophical thinking and a determination to retain my infant memories.

A note about subject order: I remember how I worked through all the ideas in this memory at the time – my thought process, the connections and conclusions within a subject. But there were so many subjects that I sorted through on that day, I can’t be sure that they each arose from one another in the order I’ve strung them in the written (and video) account. I remember the order within the subjects, but some of the transitions from one subject to another might be mistaken.

EPISODE 1: Analysis and Mom’s Memory

“The Barboo Chronicles” video series is made up of readings from the manuscript of a couple of volumes of memories from my infancy and early childhood. The videos only present the memories, but in the episode analyses I will present the rest of the material that is included in the manuscript – my mom’s, and occasionally other people’s, recollections of these events, as well as my own analysis of the memory material.

One of the reasons I wanted to write out my early memories and put them into as close to chronological order as possible was to be able to find everything (as much as I could) that was in them.

The first five episodes in the series address one single memory episode. What follows below is the manuscript text that supplements all the memory material contained in those first five videos.

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